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My troubles all started on Thursday when a couple of my friends and I were walking home. Emily and I decided to take the other way, but then Emily saw a group of boys and girls going over the wall by the creek. I said, “Come on Emily let’s go this way,” but Emily wanted to walk with the group. While walking with them, Nicole said, “Y’all there goes that girl that’s always talking about us. Then Nicole said I’m bout to go fight her. Y’all going to follow up?” All of the girls agreed we would. Each of us, Nicole, Emily, and I, had our hits with girl, but Brittney went in alone after we were done. But it wasn’t over yet, even though we left, the police showed up at our homes 20 minutes later.

Emily and I eventually told the truth to police about what happened. Next they lined up everyone that was involved in the fight, so that the girl that got beat up could identify us. The only person the girl had identified was Nicole because she had black and yellow hair. The police officers put us in their cars and took us to jail. They told us that they had videos of the fight so that we would tell them more, and we did. Later Emily said that there wasn’t any video, so of course they had tricked us into telling the truth. Finally our parents came to pick us up. But the story still didn’t end here.

Even though this happened after school the police thought it had to do with school and I was sent to Dr. Johnson. When I was sent to Dr. Johnson, we discussed what happened at the fight. He said, “Well I have to make a decision if you can go back to Thomas Jefferson middle school or go to Robert E. Lee.” Later that week a letter was sent in the mail saying I had to go to Robert E. Lee, and of course I was upset. Afterwards I heard that Emily and Nicole got to go back to their regular schools. At the same time I was trying to figure out why they got to go back and Brittney and I didn’t. In addition Emily’s mom went to meet with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Nelson. Dr. Nelson said, “Well Dr. Johnson how do you know there’s a video?” Dr. Johnson said, “Well that’s what I heard.” Then Dr. Nelson asked, “Did you see the fight?” Dr. Johnson said, “No, I didn’t sir.” So I guess Dr. Nelson decided that Emily could go back to Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

Now, I think he gave me this punishment because Dr. Nelson wasn’t there, and he decided to send me to Robert E. lee even though he had no proof. When I look back at this experience I learned that people that are older may control you and some people can’t. But sometimes it can be unfair because of the fact that some people get better options then others. I learned that in the future if I make good decisions, which I won’t end up under somebody else’s control, and I can make my own options.

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