Listen here to hear the author reading her essay:

Families depend on each other a lot. They show each other how to handle problems and they support each other when help is needed. They show each other how to set goals and they care for one another. My family depends on me to do well in school. They depend on me because I get in a lot of fights, and they want me to do better. However, I let them down in the past.

I started getting into fights in middle school, because there was a larger group of kids. I’m always on the defense. I mean that I always thought people were talking about me. I didn’t know how to handle the problems. So I got into fights.

These fights didn’t just affect me, they affected my family too. My family depended on me to be good and do well in school, but instead I decided to get into fights. That decision made my mother almost lose her job. She had phone calls everyday from the school. She also had to take off from work because she had to try to get me back in school. All of this started getting her stressed.

Even stressing my mom didn’t make me realize I needed to stay out of trouble. Eventually, I was suspended from school and sent to Stonewall for the rest of the year. By doing this, I let my mom down. However, this was an upside to my mistakes. My mom doesn’t get as many phone calls because I’m working on my behavior at Stonewall.

After this, I learned to walk from these problems. The biggest effect it had on my life was that I realized fighting isn’t going to get me anywhere. If it wasn’t for family I would have been in the detention center. But instead they stayed on me because they want me to get into college, and finish the goals I set for myself.

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