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Getting in trouble with the law wasn’t something I was really good at. I was just the type of person that would be chill and just go with the flow. I’ll go to school then come back home, watch TV or just play video games, instead of causing trouble. Plus I learned from my brother. Growing up he was a troublemaker, so I learned from his mistakes. But anybody can make a mistake.

The day was a Saturday and a couple of friends and I were about to do our everyday thing. We were about to go smoke marijuana. The reason we smoke is because we enjoyed the great feeling. Its like I’m in my own world and nobody can tell me what to do. I’m free. It’s like being in a stand up comedy that leaves the whole crowd laughing. So when one of my friends shows up with the bag, we’re quick to look for a spot to smoke. We ended up in a corner between two buildings.

While he was in the process of rolling the joint, an Alexandria police officer came from around the corner. When we spotted him watching us, he said, “Don’t think about running. I have another officer driving around the corner.” The first thing that came to mind was how my mom was going to react. I could see her crying or maybe even throwing a couple hits at me. My next thought was the possibility of me going to jail.

The officer demanded us to empty our pockets, which we did. He found the marijuana joint and an extra bag, and he took it from my friend. After about five minutes of the officer examining the evidence, he decided to let us go. He kept the evidence and also I’m not really sure why he let us go. I felt as if it was the best day ever because I wasn’t going to get in trouble with my mom or even have a criminal record.

Since that day on I have been too paranoid to do anything that ridiculous again, knowing the reason I was in that situation was because of the weed. It went from an everyday use to once in a blue moon kind of thing. As I continue to mature I notice that the use of marijuana isn’t necessary and also getting in trouble isn’t worth it. Therefore I won’t be doing any of those substances or get in trouble with the law again.

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