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“SARAH” my mom yelled.
“Come here let’s have a talk” she replied.
I walked in her room and sat on the bed. She walked in behind me and closed the door. “So your aunt called me today and said on her way to work she heard someone talking about you being pregnant”. My eyes started to full up with tears cause I knew exactly what was going to happen if I told her the truth. So I lied.
“It’s not true!”
“Are you sure?” she added.
“I’m positive.” She opened the door and said “okay,” but she looked like she didn’t believe me. I rushed out of her room and into mine and started to cry. I wanted to tell her so bad but I knew what the consequence was going to be… she was going to tell my dad and I would have to get an abortion. I didn’t want that. So that whole night I stayed in my room thinking.

That following weekend we moved because my mom wanted a bigger place. I wasn’t happy, but I was glad we got away from there. I always felt like there was a lot of drama and because of the secrets. While I was in my room unpacking, my sister came in and said, “You pregnant?”
“No, why?” with an attitude.
“Because I just came from the old house and all these girls came up to me saying you were pregnant.”
“Well it’s not true! Now get out my room!” I really got tired of people coming to me asking questions and spreading secrets. But my secret wouldn’t be hidden for long. The next day I was mad at everybody for no reason and I kept eating. “Why are you eating so much?” my mom said.
“I don’t know I’m just hungry!”
“Yeah, whatever.” she replied. Then out of nowhere she started yelling saying, “Akilah, I’m tired of everyone telling me you’re pregnant so you’re taking a pregnancy test!” My jaw dropped. I was so nervous! She gave me this stick and I asked her “how do I use it?”
She said, “You urinate on it.” So I went into the bathroom and urinated on it, and I was so nervous to give it to her, so I put a little bit of urine on it and a lot of water. I walked out the bathroom feeling confident, and I gave her the test back…forgetting to look at it myself. So she called my name and said “You’re pregnant!” I act like I was shock and claimed “I didn’t know.” She looked at me and suggested “You’re getting an abortion”. I was thinking to myself “Mom, you’re such a bad mother.” I wanted to go cry but I just stood there.

The next day my mom took me to the doctor to see how far along I was. The doctor called us back, took my blood and said, “The tests will be mailed to you when they’re finished.” A couple of days went by and it finally came. I was two months along. My mom looked at me and said “Do you really want to keep the baby?”
“Okay but I don’t think your dad is going to be happy to hear about this.” My dad and mom were having some issues, so he wasn’t leaving with us. She called my dad.
“I got some news for you.”
“What?” He said
“Your daughter is pregnant!”
“Who Ashley, again?”
“No Sarah!”
“WOW, really?”
“Let me speak to her” he said. My mom gave me the phone. I was really scared because my dad is one of those mean types of dads that don’t take any tolerance, and I said “Hello?”
“Hey sweetheart, you okay?” He said.
“You got something you want to tell me?” All I could do was sit there and cry because I didn’t know that he was going to react sweetly. When he asked me that question I never replied back. Then he said “You miss you’re dad?”
“I’m coming home soon”
“Okay.” I hung up the phone and dialed my boyfriend number. “Hello?”
“Hi may I speak to Tom?”
“Yes hold on” the voice answered. “Hello?”
“Hi?” I uttered.
“What’s up?”
“I’m pregnant!”
“What?” he yelled. I had nothing to say so I just sat there. “Hello?” “Hello?” he repeated.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes Tom I’m serious!”
“Well I’m here for you and my baby.” When he said that all I could do was smile because I knew he was really going to be there for me. He stated “I’ll call you back.”
“Okay.” My mom scheduled me an appointment to see a real doctor to get prenatal pills, and Tom went with us.

A week later we went to go see the doctor and he called me to the room. We all walked in the room and I sat on the tables feeling scared and anxious. The doctor walked in and pulled my shirt up and pressed on my stomached and measured it and he put some jelly stuff on my stomached and we heard the baby heart beat and we even saw what she look like. He whipped the jelly stuff off and told us to come in the next room. We walked in the next room and he said “Well Miss. Walters you are now 5 months and you’re having a girl.” and I looked back at Tom and he looked shocked. The doctor gave me the prescription for the pills and we went home.

Every since then everything been well and we’ve been working together to get clothes, plan the baby shower, even pick out her name. My mom started off disappointed but she’s happy that she having a granddaughter, and Tom been there like he said he was going to be. I’ve changed a lot by going to school and I’m going to continue going to school and get a job to provide for my daughter and I made a big mistake but I don’t regret it because she’s the best thing that happened to me.

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