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My life is like rollercoaster.
Rollercoasters go up, down, and around, and at a high speed,
My life is good, sometimes it’s bad, and the time and years, move by so quickly,
From being a young toddler and getting to my teen years, it doesn’t seem so long.
The ride can start of scary then become fun,
In life sometimes it gets worst before it gets better,
The different curves and dips are obstacles in life we go through.
The thrill of a rollercoaster and the thrill of life are almost one in the same,
Some rollercoasters are fast, or even faster,
Some are short and quick,
Others are long and feel like forever.
A ride can be boring, scary, fun, or all three,
But at the end of the ride, you’re okay. You made it through,
You’re alive.
In life, you struggle and have good times and bad times,
At the end of the day you made it through.

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