The time that changed in my life was when I came to Stonewall. When I came to Stonewall, it changed everything: what time I had to wake up, when I see my friends, who I eat lunch with. It just changed a lot, and I hate that. I had to adapt to it because it will be a while before I can go back to George Washington Middle School.

I didn’t like the changes but I had to get used to them. The changes are like going to a new school. I never get to see my friends, but I made new friends. I like making new friends, but it’s just not my thing. I’d rather stick with the ones that I’ve been hanging with. I also had to get used to the rules. For example, at Stonewall we can’t chew bubblegum in class, and I have to have a password to get into the bathroom. I had to get used to new teacher and the fact that there are no nurses at the school. When I went to GW, I didn’t’ have to wake up until 7:00, now at Stonewall, I have to wake up at 6:00.

What I did to deal with not seeing my friends was to make plans on the weekends to go see my friends. I also had to get use to not chewing bubblegum in class. Then I had to deal with having a password to the bathroom. I never thought that this school would have a password to their bathroom. The part that changed the most was waking up an hour earlier. I really hate waking up so early, but I do it. Furthermore, I had to get use to new teachers. I had to follow their rules and be respectful.

In life you just have to deal with changing when you move, when you go to a new school, and you meet new people. A lot of people make changes. So there are a lot of people that adapt and change even when they don’t like to. Like me, I had to adapt and change by coming to Stonewall even thought I didn’t want to. So I got over it. Made new friends. I didn’t pout or complain. I just had to adapt.

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