Families depend on each other a lot. They show watch each other how to handle problems and they support each other when help is needed. They show each other how to set goals and they care for one another. One time my family depended on me was when my step mother went to the doctor and asked me to take care of the kids that she baby-sat.

The day before I baby-sat, my step mother asked me if I wanted to and if I had time. I said yes. The next morning I went to her house and waited for all the kids to get there. My step mother’s appointment wasn’t until 10:00AM. So as I took the elementary kids to wait for the school bus, m step mother stayed inside with the younger kids that do not go to school.

It was about 9:30AM when my step mother left. Luckily for me, the two kids were still asleep. So for a while I just watched TV. I took a quick nap, and when I woke up it was about 10:15AM. As I looked at the two little kids, Bryan, a two year old boy, was already awake. Ashley, an 18-month baby girl, was still asleep. Bryan was hungry. So I went to the kitchen and got him a yogurt. As I gave Bryan a yogurt, Ashley woke up. So I gave her a bottle. After a while of playing with them, and changing Ashley, my step mother came home.

After watching the kids, I was proud of my self. I was glad that I hadn’t let my step mother down. I was kind of tired, but then again I was happy because I knew I was going to get paid $30. It was fun playing with the kids, and feeding Ashley.

With my step mother giving me responsibility of two kids, I knew I had to be responsible. I couldn’t let her down. This impacted on how I act today, I am always trying to be as responsible as I can. I am glad that my step mother can depend on me now that she knows that I can take good care of kids.

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