Families depend on each other a lot. They show each other how to handle problems, and they support each other when help is needed. They show each other how to set goals and they care for one another. During the past year my grandpa depended on me. He had a kidney transplant and I’m supposed to take his blood pressure and temperature everyday. Also on weekends I’m supposed to fix his medicines.
My grandpa had a failure in his kidneys about 7 years ago. For 5 years he was going to dialysis every week. Sometimes he would get operated from his arm because that’s where they would do the cleaning of his blood. During those moments my grandpa depended on me too because I would sometimes go to his appointments to help him out.
Luckily about a year ago my grandpa got a kidney transplant. When he received a call one day that they found a new kidney for him, he was happy. During the operation everyone was afraid but my grandma would say ‘”Have faith in God and everything would come out ok” and it did. During his recovery I’m supposed to take his blood pressure and check temperature everyday. I have to make sure that his pressure is at a normal number and his temperature is under 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
For his new kidneys, he is supposed to take a lot of pills. He takes about 7 pills every morning and about 5 pills every night. On weekends I’m supposed to fill his daily pill organizer. I have to be careful with that because if I were to mix it up, it could mess up his kidney.
My grandpa depends on me the most. Before and after his operation, I have been there for him. Seeing how he was before his operation it would make me sad a lot. Now that his doing better I’m happier. Helping my grandpa really worked out because if I wasn’t there to help him nobody would be taking his blood pressure or his temperature and that’s what the doctor ask of him or probably his kidneys would be messed up right now because his blood pressure was to high. Being there for him really affected all of us because I helped him out through everything. Thanks to God my grandpa is up and ready a lot now J

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