Families depend on each other a lot. They show each other how to handle problems and they support each other when help is needed. They show each how to set goals and they care for one another. A day my sisters had to depend on me was on Mother's Day a couple years ago.

On Mather's Day Sara, Karla, and I decided to do something special for our mom. When my mother left for work, Karla made Sara and I wake up early. Of course we didn't want to, but Karla kept nagging us. We finally surrendered and woke up. The second we were out of our room, she told us to start cleaning. We refused. For us it was too early to be awake. We were just saying "not now!"

Eventually, our laziness went away and we realized we had to work together to get everything done. We start cleaning. Karla told Sara to go clean the bathroom and she told me to go clean the living room. I was mad that she tried to make me clean the big living room all by myself when I was puny. So I told Sara to help me with the living room and I would help her with the bathroom. We were picking stuff up, vacuuming, complaining, but Karla was ignoring us because she was cleaning and determined to get this done for our mom.

When our awful chores were done, we had to go into the kitchen and help Karla cook. Sara and I filled pots with water and stirred every once in a while. Since we weren't doing more, Karla told us to go take a shower and get dressed. We did as we were told. At around 5:00 pm Karla told us to set the table. We did that and a couple minutes later my mother walked in. We jumped up to her and said "Happy Mother's Day!" She smiled and said "Thank you!" we showed her what we did and she was ecstatic! We all sat at the table and ate.

I learned that even though you might not want to help your family at first, in the end you find out it was worth it. When your family tells you something, it's not for their own good; it's for maybe for the whole family too. Finally, we got a lot of working together and found that helping each other could be fun.

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