Family Dependence

Families depend on each other a lot. They show each other how to handle problems and they support each other when help is needed. They show each other how to set goals and they care for one another. One time that my family depended on me was when my grandfather was very sick because of his diabetes.

My grandfather wasn’t a very quiet or shy person. He loved talking and making people laugh, even though most people in his condition wouldn’t even want to move. My grandfather was living with diabetes, one leg, and poor eye vision. He relied on me to walk with him to the pharmacy for drugs and other stuff. It was frustrating for me because he would always depend on ME to do everything, and I always wondered why he couldn’t do it on his own.

Eventually I realized why. He needed help and since I’m the oldest, I’m responsible enough to take care of him. Plus, I ended up liking going with him to his appointments. Even if it was boring and depressing, he would always find a way to make me laugh. He depended on the family to him out around the house and when he would go out. His fake leg would always bother him and would sometimes make his half leg infected.

But his family was right there behind him, taking care of him and helping him along the way. He would always say to me “live life to the fullest like there’s no tomorrow.” His words were true. If you keep taking every day for granted, one day you might not even have another day. When he called out for help, we were right there ready to hear his problem.

This experience has changed me into a better person because it makes me think how blessed we are to be living another day. My grandfather past away way too young, but it was better for him. No one deserves to live in a condition like that. An experience like this can make one realize to help out your family or friends. Not too many people get to have loving and caring friends and a family.

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