I was 9 when my sisters, Stefany and Isabell, and I started going back and forth from my dad’s and mom’s house. It was fun to be with my dad, after a while Isabell and I just wanted to stay at home with my mom. Stefany would still always want to go over my dad’s. Apparently she had met a boy named Anthony on one of our visits. Stefany kept going but not to be with my dad; she went to spend time with Anothony. My dad didn’t seem to mind. When Anthony wanted to take things further with Stefany he gathered his strength and went to go ask my dad permission to be Stefany’s boyfriend. I guess he said yes, because after that day they would go out together a lot but oh course they would have to take me and Isabell. When she got bored of letting us shadow her every move she would ditch us at home.

Within a year we stopped going to my dad’s and decided to just stay home. We soon found out Stefany was pregnant. Isabell was real happy. I on the other hand was just like whatever. My mom and dad were very upset about it. My mom had got over it fast, but my dad wouldn’t talk to her for a month. She cried because she felt bad that disappointed him. Since Stefany was pregnant my mom thought it would be a good idea for Anthony to come and live with us.

It was a change considering that he would have to sleep with my sister but I had no say in what was going to happen. When Anthony moved in and unpacked all his junk, Isabell and I were shocked to see how much stuff could actually fit in that tiny room. . Anthony brought changes into that household like no one was allowed in after 7:00 pm except for my mom. Isabell and I weren’t allowed to leave the house. We were only allowed out on the weekends but Anthony didn’t make that rule Stefany did. Another change was that Isabell and I had to get used to Stafany’s mood swings. First she would be having fun and be all happy with us then the next minute she would be all mad yelling at us and telling us what to do and sometimes she would even cry if we didn’t do what she wanted us to.Isabell and I got annoyed with all her mood swings and her crying and her yelling so most of the time we would stay out of her room and mostly stayed in the living room. We just did what she wanted us to and stayed out of her way.

After the baby was born more changes came. The baby would cry in the middle of the night and wake everyone including Isabell and I. Even if we had school the next morning we would still get up. We also had to switch rooms because my mom thought they needed more space for the baby. At first it was weird seeing a baby wiggle and squirm all around the floor, But now the baby is 3 years old and my sister is done with all her mood swings. Even though 3 years have passed things aren’t the same but its ok because your life isn’t going to stay the same forever.

Going through this was a big change for me because I didn’t know what to do to keep it the same. Everything was just changing so fast, and I couldn’t stop it. I was scared that this would ruin our family, but it didn’t. I learned that it’s ok if things change all of a sudden. Its just the way some things turn out.

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